This is our current group of Rack-Cards

We have produced these print colleterals in an effort to generate a Rebrand, Redirect, Renew messaging about nuclear technology for the grassroots public. Nothing said, can satisfy all energy producing sectors. We are asking that all accept our effort at rebranding nuclear as a viable contributor and consideration as a renewable based on its unlimited fuel supply.

These Rack-Cards can be viewed and printed via the PDF links below
(use the + to enlarge for reading), they discuss the following topics:

Advanced nuclear reactors explained, and SMRs (Small Modular Reactors):
AR-Rack-Card-FRONT-FF - AR-Rack-Card-BACK-FF

Is it time for a national above ground temporary storage facility?
Above-Ground-FRONT-FF - Above-Ground-BACK-FF

As we are rebranding nuclear power, the advances in these developments
should classify nuclear as a renewable energy provider:
Nuclear-Renwable-FRONT - Nuclear-Renwable-BACK

Yucca Mountain Repository, not as Yucca as you have been told: