Alan E. Waltar


Dr. Alan Waltar:??He was the keynote speaker at our USNEF presentation during the American Nuclear Society meeting in Reno, 2006. Dr. Waltar is a retired Senior Advisor and Director of Nuclear Energy to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, Washington. He was also Professor and Head of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University, where he helped to build that program into the largest Department of Nuclear Engineering in the nation. Dr. Waltar is a Fellow and Past President of the American Nuclear Society. He is also author of the book “Radiation and Modern Life” - Fulfilling Marie Curie’s Dream” and “America the Powerless” as well as co-author of two textbooks on fast reactors. He serves as well as a consultant to the IAEA and the U.S. Department of Energy. Dr. Waltar was instrumental in the formation of the World Nuclear University Summer Institute (SI) and has served as a mentor and a member of the faculty for all eleven of the institutes.

Dr. Waltar is an active, senior member of the US Nuclear Energy Foundation Advisory Board