September 5-7

Radwaste Summit in Las Vegas. September 2017.

Attending this summit further supports our mission to extend nuclear technology outreach to grassroots America. It is not enough that government and nuclear cooporations understand the research and advancements, but, this KNOWLEDGE must be brought to our grassroots citizens.

This slide, the US Cleaned Up, Learned and Became Stronger After the Three Mile Island Accident.

TMI Unit 1 is Restarted and One of the Best US Plants TODAY!

Japan can also do the same after Fukushima!



San Onofre decontamination and decommissioning. Government agencies, Congress and nuclear companies worldwide are fully aware of the massive technical steps taken to decommission a nuclear power plant. It is for these reasons that management of our nuclear industry has been successful over the past 50 years.

Programs such as this summit provide educational data on
an extensive list of specialized topics dealing with radioactive subjects.

San Onfre



Managing the Challenging Waste Stream Disposition:

We attended this focused event to further our knowledge of what is being done in the worldwide management of spent nuclear waste and many other segments of the process.

Nuclear waste stream



Nuclear technology is a worldwide reality that we must continue its development for the future.
Government and the industry must continue their engagement in grassroots outreach.