The 2007 ANS Summer, Meeting, Reno

We had just launched USNEF in 2006 so we attended our first ANS meeting in Reno

This was the beginning of our discussions with Dr. Alan Waltar about our nuclear advocacy grassroots educational mission.


We lucked out organizing an evening USNEF presentation open to the Reno public, and ANS convention attendees.

In addition to our "learning" of ANS technical nuclear presentations, we managed to setup a public USNEF meeting in the evening after the days sessions were over. Dr. Waltar did his presentation which was sponsored by US Nuclear Energy Foundation and the Northern Nevada Section of the IEEE.




Dr. Waltar also served as the 40th President of the American Nuclear Society in 1994-1995.

I met Dr. Walter having attended a private evening function of the group, (CNF) Christian Nuclear Fellowship, Dr. Walter, a founding member. Since this we also began a Sub-Web on our website about this group.