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"YES" Symposium Overview
Very important to review our VIP Documents page!

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Our 1st YES Symposium has taken place producing some very interesting dialogue about the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository science, safety, and economics, exactly the goal of the program. Below is a photo of the primary team who put this together, along with the VIP speakers who expounded the topical facts to our focused attendees.

L- R Ken Koeppe – Jack Spencer – Gary Duarte – Bob Edmonds – Don Kaplan – Bruce Marlow

The US Nuclear Energy Foundation has developed the Yucca Educational Symposium (YES). Several organizations, many individual groups and citizens have come to the realization that the Yucca Mountain used nuclear fuel repository has been misunderstood for many years by the public. Many of us in recent years have attributed this factor to bias political and media articles and "stories" about the facility rather than provide a viable non-partisan, non-political "education program" to the public.

A compelling comment on the American Nuclear Society, Nuclear Cafe blog

    Breck Henderson at LinkedIN

Nuclear Engineer at U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

As a retired employee of NRC, I think it's a shame that the NRC's reputation as an honest, independent agency focused on safety is being trashed. And not because it is being unduly influenced by the nuclear industry, but because anti-nuclear politicians or politicians with an agenda (Harry Reid's angst because "his" state was forced by Congress to host nuclear waste) have been able to appoint inappropriate people as Commissioners. Check the number of NRC Commissioners over the last two decades whose primary qualification has been service as Congressional staff. Yes, they seem to have advanced degrees in technical fields, but can their judgment on technical issues really be free of political considerations? It's a problem throughout government, as pressure groups from all sides attempt to corrupt various agencies to do their will. Makes it a lot harder to sort out the truth in any area, with Yucca Mountain being a prime example. When no one can trust the NRC to be an honest broker over technical decisions, we're all in trouble.

This is a very IMPORTANT statement as it demonstrates the misdirection of our national "agencies" originally designated to study research and PROTECT the public are now being CONTROLLED by misguided politics. Our only response to this has to be through education of our grassroots citizens so our YES Symposium efforts will continue.

The first and largest non-partisan non-political public
Yucca Educational Symposium In the country!