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DVDs YES Symposium Sessions

Memo: The breakout sessions run successively, 15 minute changeover between sessions, each will have 15 minutes of Q&A with audience participation microphones.


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YES Program Sessions:

DVD-0 Interviews, four separate clips with two each of the program participants 60:13 Min
  1-Duarte Cong. Shimkus, 2-Spencer & Schinhofen, 3-Krasner & Edmonds, 4-Tabor & Marlow  
DVD-1 Opening session with NV Congressmen Mark Amodei & IL Congressman John Shimkus 42:32 Min
DVD-2 Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 & 2008 update, video greeting Jim DeMint, President of the Heritage Foundation  
  Presentation by Jack Spencer, President of the Roe Institute at the Heritage Foundation 44:32 Min
DVD-3 Economics of the Yucca Mountain Repository, Robert Edmonds, AREVA   58:18 Min
DVD-4 Nuclear energy safety, storage and transportation, panel discussion, L to R,  
  Dan Schinhofen, Dennis Moltz, Cash Jaszczak, Gary Hollis 50:13 Min
DVD-5 Afternoon Full Panel Discussion Q&A     40:35 Min
  Total, roughly 7 Hrs.

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More detail on the program participants below


Congressman Amodei

Mark Amodei CONFIRMED Nevada Congressman is the first Congressional representative in recent years to consider re-visiting the Yucca Mountain Project as a potential business asset for the state of Nevada if acceptable planning and feasible economic value can be sustainable. He views the Yucca Educational Symposium as an important process in initiating an educational program for Nevada citizens. Congressman Amodei has also addressed one of our USNEF meetings in 2012.

John Shimkus, IL CONFIRMED: Illinois Congressman has been a proponent of Yucca Mountain for many years trying to understand why Nevada’s bureaucracy opposed a facility that would bring thousands of jobs to a depressed Nevada economy. Among his duties in Congress, John is Chairman of the Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the Subcommittees on Energy and Power; Health Communications and Technology. John received his Bachelor of Science degree in general engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point.


Jack Spencer CONFIRMED: oversees Heritage Foundation research on a wide range of domestic economic issues as director of the Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies. Those topics include federal spending, taxes, energy and environment, regulation and retirement savings. Before his promotion to Director of the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation.  Spencer specialized in nuclear energy issues in both the domestic and global arenas as Heritage’s senior research fellow in nuclear energy policy. He was Heritage’s go-to expert on nuclear waste management, technological advances, industry subsidies and international approaches to nuclear energy. Spencer also researched regulation of the industry, proliferation issues, the global energy market and national security uses for nuclear power. Much of his work centered on developing a comprehensive, subsidy-free, market-based approach to nuclear energy policy. That strategy includes fighting to preserve Yucca Mountain as a safe repository for nuclear materials. Spencer has testified before Congress on related topics, including nuclear loan guarantees and international implications of the growth of commercial nuclear power. The President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future heard his testimony in 2010 on how to introduce market forces into public policy for safely managing nuclear waste.

Robert F. Edmonds, Jr. CONFIRMED As Director, Business Development for AREVA Federal Services LLC (AFS), Mr. Edmonds leads the company’s sales to the federal market sector, with a particular focus on the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle, including management, transportation, storage, and disposition of Used Nuclear Fuel and High Level Radioactive Waste.  Prior to joining AFS, he was Business Development Director for Duke Engineering and Services, a subsidiary of Duke Energy.  For the past 20 years he has been actively involved in Used Nuclear Fuel and High Level Radioactive Waste policy development at the federal and state levels. AFS and legacy companies have been participants on the Yucca Mountain Project since the inception and were most recently a part of the Department of Energy’s Management and Operations contractor team when the project was temporarily suspended.  Mr. Edmonds has an MS, degree in Water Resources Engineering, Clemson University BS, Civil Engineering, Clemson University.

Bruce Marlow CONFIRMED, Vice President, AREVA, As a 41 year veteran of AREVA, Bruce has been supporting the successful operations of the Nuclear Power Industry by driving Innovation and training along with leading large integrated projects.  Currently, Bruce supports AREVA’s business interest throughout the West and is highly evolved in the dynamics of Energy and Water.  During the past year and half, Bruce has been the Integrated Site Manager leading the AREVA Team working to return the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) back to service. Before becoming a Vice President, Mr. Marlow served as the General Manger of Conam/Rockridge, an AREVA legacy company where he was responsible for all Business Development, Project Execution and Technology Advancement. He developed Conam from a $2.5 million company in 1980 into a $40 million organization in 7 years. In 1997, Conam generated 70% of the operating income of AREVA North America.  Mr. Marlow has worked at every Pressurizer Water Reactor (PWR) in the US and several in Japan and Europe.

Dennis Moltz, PhD CONFIRMED: B.S. Chemistry, B. S. Mathematics, Texas A&M University (1974) Ph.D., Nuclear Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley (1979) Guest nuclear physics instructor, University of Nevada, Reno, Fall, 2009. Adjunct Physics Professor, Western Nevada College, Carson City, Nevada Owner-High Desert Nuclear Technologies, Carson City, NV Research Specialist, Dept. of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley. Sabbatical Visitor, LLNL, 10/00- 10/01, PPAC Group in NAI and High Energy Physics Group in N-Division. Nuclear Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Staff Scientist, RNC Group, and Co-Group Leader. Department of Physics, University of South Carolina, Research Assistant Professor stationed at ORNL. Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Research Associate.

Gary Duarte: YES Symposium, Director & program moderator. My knowledge of nuclear energy is that of an average citizen, I am not a scientist or an engineer. Served as Executive Vice President of the Maine Jaycees, organized the first statewide multi-chapter March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon offered as a model to the National Jaycees, Tulsa, OK. Owned and operated Duarte Typesetting Company for 17 years, the first computerized book phototypesetting company in the State of Maine. Developed a software application Stylo-Type I, the first "Mac" based mnemonic coding program to link a Macintosh computer to a Linotronic typesetting machine. Taught, Introduction to Printing & Graphics, Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, NV. Retired in 2006 as an audio-video technician and launched the US Nuclear Energy Foundation to educate the grassroots public about nuclear energy and spent nuclear fuel storage & reprocessing.

Dan Schinhofen is vice-chair of the Nye County Commission. Married 36 years father of 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He is a Columnist, author and musician.

Thank you very much for your interest in our mission to educate the public about nuclear technology.
We have to work together to bring the public to understand that
nuclear power is a carbon free GREEN renewable energy source.

It is the only source that can meet our power demands and carbon emissions requirements.