How to DONATE to US Nuclear Energy Foundation

US Nuclear Energy Foundation is registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, in the State of Nevada, July, 2, 2009. USNEF was first registered under The National Heritage Foundation as a non-profit group in January, 1, 2006.

Anyone making a financial donation to our foundation can claim it as a tax deduction on their IRS tax forms. Our non-profit federal tax identification number is: 27-0603991.

Our In-Kind & Donation Form is available at this PDF link: USNEF-InKind-&-Donation-Form-Fill-IN

To contribute online click on this PayPal button below: It will open the DONATION page at our PayPal account and you can contribute funds via your credit card.

When you get to our SECURE PayPal page it will ask you to PROVIDE AN AMOUNT AND UPDATE THE TOTALS. Put the amount of your contribution in the Unit Price box. When you update the total it will repost on the top line as the TOTAL. Then, if you already have a PayPal account, goto the Log In to PayPal box, put in YOUR email address / password and log in to your account. If you do not have a PayPal account, on the bottom left column, CLICK ON the CONTINUE link to charge to your credit card account CONTINUE CHECKOUT.

A DONATION of $25.00 will help . . . $25,000 will help . . . base your
support on how much you value America's energy independence.

Thank you very much for your SUPPORT, it is truly needed and truly appreciated.

Gary J. Duarte, Director

If you would rather process your donation support conventionally (real old fashioned US mail-imagine that!) you can mail your check to:

US Nuclear Energy Foundation
PO Box 2867
Sparks, NV 89432
775 224-2089

US Nuclear Energy Foundation IRS Public Charity confirmation website

IRS 501 (c)(3) Confirmation Letter PDF

FUNDING Directives: US Nuclear Energy Foundation is a volunteer grassroots non-profit corporation. Our growth is planned by expanding our development of printed literature, public presentations, industry participation, worldwide contacts. All of our efforts are directed toward expanding our grassroots educational mission to the public, developing chapter coordinators to educate the public on nuclear advocacy. We are seeking foundations, groups, industry, businesses and individuals who understand the importance of our mission, share its philosophy and are willing to donate to our mission. If you share this goal, please contact us about what you might be able to do to advance our educational initiative. No officers, directors, or management of this foundation are salaried by this foundation.

The link at the bottom connects to our foundation Any purchase you make at your Amazon account a small a donation is made to USNEF by Amazon. You will see Support US Nuclear Energy just under the SEARCH BAR.

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