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YES Symposium is 4 individual clips of a few attendees of our 2013 full day symposium.

NV Newsmakers GJDuarte & Dr. Tsoulfanidis a Yucca discussion-2006.

KRNV TV a mini series with the late Jim Rogers, former owner of NBC-KRNV on Yucca Mountain-2010.

NV Newsmakers, a discussion with Eric Pica, (Friends of the Earth) & Gary Duarte, (US Nuclear Energy Foundation) Nuclear & transportation.

KRNV-2 Face the State with Bill Brown, Gary Duarte on Yucca Mountain-2007.

YouTube video, Dr. Alan Waltar, The Future of Nuclear Technology, after Fukushima. (Dr. Walter is a USNEF board member).

Old Tales of Nevada, Hugh Roy Marshall, and Gary Duarte, some history on nuclear in Nevada, atomic bomb, research, Yucca Mountain.


 YES Symposium 4 Interviews

  Newsmakers GJD Nick 04-03-2006   KRNV Jim Rogers GJD 02-26-10
 Yucca Trans. GJD-Pica 10-14-08 KTVN2 Face the State 11-20-2007 video-icon Dr. Alan Waltar,
The Future of Nuclear technology, after Fukushima
video-icon  Old Tales of Nevada 210