Candidates - Stakeholders on Nuclear

USNEF has hand delivered educational information on the
Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository and advanced reactor research to many Candidates and stakeholders.

The world discussion of a low carbon energy portfolio must include nuclear power. Nuclear energy is the largest contributor of America’s low-carbon energy footprint. Nuclear plants provide 63% of the zero-carbon electricity generation. Sixteen states continue to have restrictions against the construction of new nuclear plants. This arithmetic is not political, it is fact. We must realize that carbon emission reduction goals CANNOT be met without developing new nuclear power. Our mission has to rebrand nuclear outreach advocacy.

We are simply bringing our message about the need for grassroots education to
Rebrand, Redirect, Recycle and Renew public outreach on nuclear technology.


This is a big development for Nevada politics on nuclear technology and the Yucca Mountain Repository. Danny Tarkanian, the Republican challenger to Senator Dean Heller is onboard with the Yucca Mountain Repository program. This is one of the most important changes in nuclear and the political front on Yucca. At least, unlike others, he has been willing to listen to some of the science & engineering information.

Mr. Tarkanian agrees that the purpose of the Yucca Application Process Study was to determine the long term safety and sustainability of the design and engineering and not something that should have been opposed by unfounded political opposition.

At a recent CTL meeting he said “In 2010 every elected official did everything they could to stop Yucca Mountain . . . I ran in the primary against Harry Reid and I came out and said I was in favor of Yucca Mountain and wanted to turn it into a reprocessing facility . . . like they do in France . . . I was told again, you’re going to lose the Las Vegas vote . . . it’s not the right thing to do politically. . . to me, it isn’t the right thing to do politically, if you want to be in public service it’s to do the right thing for the community and the country".

The time may have come that supporting the Yucca Repository may finally be an asset for Nevada. With 9 of the 17 Counties in support indicates that the grassroots are more in support than just Clark County. Danny is also aware of the national security implications for resolving the Yucca issue. Getting it started is the first step, we will see what science can do in a few years to recycle that spent fuel into a tremendous future economic asset for Nevada.

Danny Tarkanian


Rubio: I support opening Yucca Mountain, the only candidate having made this published statement, including being a resident of Las Vegas for several years.


Ms. Fiorina is one of the brightest light bulbs onstage. She supports a true "all of the above energy initiatives" INCLUDING nuclear and Ms. Fiorina has indicated support for the Yucca Mountain Application Process. 

TRUMP has received our Yucca Mountain material
he supports nuclear energy.

Yucca Mountain, Mr. Huckabee's 01-10-16 statement: "America will transform the world economy with energy independence and I support an all oftheabove energy strategy to get there," GOP presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told the Washington Examiner.


Yucca Mountain land should go to State to decide, see media statement below, inquiry made, to date no reply.

Ben Carson

Dr. Carson, "it's time to at least have a discussion" . . . if the science is correct.


Yucca Mountain inquiry made, to date no reply.

Scott Walker

Yucca Mountain, we sent Governor Walker DVDs of our 2013 Yucca Educational Symposium, he returned a latter of appreciation for the information.


Supports Yucca, lives aprox 8 mi. from a nuclear plant